How to Increase Your V Twin Horsepower, Quiet Down Your Top End, and Run Cooler... Astonishing Insider Secret Report Reveals Which V Twin Motorcycle Oils Will Make Your Engine Last Forever and Which Are Leading You To A Sudden... Catastrophic V Twin Seizure On The Side Of The Open Road (Don't Ruin Your Ride To Sturgis This Year) 

Dear Friend,

Are you using one of these SAE grade 50 oils in your V Twin engine?  

Castrol V-Twin, Castrol GPS, BMW, Bel-Ray EXS, AMSOIL MCV, Golden Spectro 4, Golden SPectro American 4, Mobil 1 V-Twin, Motul 300V Competition, Pennzoil Motorcycle, Royal Purple Max-Cycle, Screamin Eagle Syn3, Torco T-4SR, Valvoline 4-Stroke, Yamalube 4-R.

If you are using one of these oils than there is good news, you have a 1 in 15 chance of using the #1 rated oil available for your V Twin. On the other hand...

    The Bad News Is...

14 out of 15 of these oils have at least one major V Twin damaging fatal flaw, many of these  popular oils have numerous problems... but why should you care?

Does Your V Twin Do This?

Does your V Twin run hot, I mean radiate like a helacious inferno when you are cruising through the middle of the summer?  Does your V Twin shift hard something like a small sledge hammer is slamming the side of your engine when you drop it in first?  Does your top end sound like a raging ape furiously pounding on a 40 year old manual typewriter? You are not alone!

There is a excellent chance that all of your problems and a number of others can be improved... if not corrected by using the right oil.

My name is Jesse Hull and I’d like to share some serious information with you.  In less than 2 minutes you can have in your hands the most revealing insider report ever produced.  A scathing exposure of all the top motorcycle oils revealing their most secret weaknesses, secrets that are driving big arrogant oil executives crazy. 

Why?  Because we have the test results that prove who is the best and who is the worst... which oils really work and which oils were engineered without morals...

FREE Report Reveals The "Good"... The "Bad"... and The "Ugly" In Motorcyle Oils.  Don't Get Ripped Off and Grind Out Your V Twin.  Read This...

Why am I offering you this insider information for FREE?  Because I am furious... sick and tired of the deception promoted by big oil.  I went in search of the truth and was floored with what I found...

Now before you click away... what I have to show you is simple to understand legitimate third party testing, extensive testing, that lays it all out for you... testing completed using industry recognized ASTM standards that make gear heads drool. 


...there is a 14 out of 15 chance that after you view this information you can jump on your Scoot and make a run over to the bike shop and grab the 3 quarts of oil that will make a marked improvement in your V Twin...

If You Want These Improvements In Your V Twin:

1)  Longer V Twin Engine Life
2)  Smoother shifts from your transmission
3)  Cooler running V Twin 
4)  A Quieter Engine

Then grab your FREE report right now while it is still available!

Now, I don't know when I will be forced to take this down but it could be very soon so grab your copy while they are available.  Provide your name and email below and click the submit button to receive your instant download.

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Jesse Hull
Jesse Hull
Mechanical Engineer

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